Alloy wheels are preferred by most drivers these days due to their classy looks and exceptional performance. The market for alloy wheels is also growing at a healthy rate and is being driven by changing customer preferences and increasing disposable income.

Some key statistics of the alloy wheels market are:

  • The market is expected to grow at a steady rate of 5.8% between the period 2016-2024.
  • The OEM segment of alloy wheels is dominating the market as most car manufacturers are now factory-fitting their cars with these wheels.
  • Alloy wheels come in greater shapes and sizes compared to the conventional steel wheels.
  • The U.S. has a penetration rate of nearly 74% for alloy wheels for the lightweight automotive market and 40% for commercial vehicles.
  • The Asia Pacific is the largest growing market for alloy wheels industry.

Advantages of Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are the new trend in the wheel industry. More car manufacturers and customers are preferring it over the conventional steel wheels.

These set of wheels not only provide visibly improved looks for your car, they also provide excellent driving and safety features which makes them extremely popular with car owners and motor enthusiasts.

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Some of the key advantages of using alloy wheels on your car are discussed below:

Enhances Visual Appeal

The most basic and clearly visible physical feature of using alloy wheels is the drastic improvement in visual appeal it provides your car. Conventional steel wheels come in basic designs and offer very less in terms of design customization and adding visual appeal to your car.

However, alloy wheels come in different shapes and sizes and you will be spoiled for choices and customization options. It can provide a more refined and sportier look to your car and make it more visually impactful. Your car will stand out from others using steel wheels.

Use of alloy wheels can also increase the resale value of your car and fetch you a better deal when you plan to sell it.

Better Driving Performance and Handling

Use of alloy wheels provides you with better driving performance and increased ride comfort.

allow wheels

Alloy wheels are made using aluminum or magnesium alloys which are lighter than steel.

This lightweight nature of alloy wheels provides a marked improvement in driving performance and handling of your car. You can accelerate and brake your car quickly.

The steering quality of the car is also improved. Use of alloy wheels reduces the unsprung weight of your car which transmits less inertia to the spring support system.

This helps the suspension elements of your car to get a better grip on the road to follow the terrain with ease and added comfort.

Better Fuel Economy

Alloy wheels are much lighter than the conventional steel wheels.

The lightweight nature of the alloy wheels helps to improve the acceleration and braking systems of your car. In addition to this, they help to reduce the unsprung weight of your car and makes it lighter to drive.

All these benefits combined together, contribute towards providing you a better fuel economy.

alloy wheels

As alloy wheels are lightweight, it means that your car will be pulling lesser weight which helps to improve fuel economy.

Hence, the additional costs which you incur on buying a new set of alloy wheels can be compensated with reduced expenditure on fuel over a period of time.

Improved Braking and Heat Dissipation

Another advantage of using alloy wheels is the better heat dissipation it offers over the traditional steel wheels. The gaps in the alloy wheel reduce the wheel hop and keep the brake cooler.

This ensures that the braking performance is improved and the chances of brake failures due to heat is minimized or eliminated.

Due to reduced wheel hop by using alloy wheels, there is better traction during braking compared to the steel wheels. This also improves the safety of the drivers and passengers which is a significant benefit of using alloy wheels.

Improves Tyre Longevity

Alloy wheels improve your tyre lifespan.

They dissipate heat better than the conventional steel wheels and this ensures that the tyres remain cooler.

This reduces the amount of wear and tear which the tyres experience and thus improves the longevity of tyres.

As the tyres remain cooler while using alloy wheels, it also reduces the chances of any accidents or mishaps which may result from damage to the tyres while driving.

Tyres can cost you a lot depending on their type and quality. Hence, you will be saving money on frequent changing of tyres as they will last longer if you use alloy wheels in your car.

Ideal for Tubeless Tyres

Alloy wheels are totally airtight and this makes them perfect for tubeless tyres.

alloy wheels

Steel wheels can cause the air pressure in the tyres to leak which can be problematic while using in tubeless tyres. There are many other advantages of using a combination of alloy wheels and tubeless tyres which are as follows:

  • The combination is lightweight and helps to cut out the wind during driving.
  • As alloy wheels are airtight, there is minimal chances of any accidents due to sudden air leakages.
  • Tubeless tyres and alloy wheels are much safer and reliable than regular steel wheels. It also helps to improve fuel efficiency.

Less Prone to Corrosion and Rust

Alloy wheels are made using aluminum and magnesium alloys or a combination of both. This means that they are highly corrosion and rust resistant compared to the regular steel wheels.

As alloy wheels are rust and corrosion resistant, they can last for a long time and do not require frequent rust or corrosion removal or treatment.

Most alloy wheels come with a clear coating which is applied over the outside of the wheel after the machining and polishing process during its manufacturing is completed.

This coating helps to prevent rust and corrosion in a more effective manner compared to the steel wheels.

With some basic care, your alloy wheels can last for a long time and stay clear of corrosion-related damages.

Saves Money on Mounting and Balancing

Generally, cars are generally sold with a basic set of tyres and wheels.

If you live in a location where the weather changes are quite stark and extreme, then you may have to get your tyres removed and fit a new pair of tyres and balance the wheels. Purchasing alloy wheels ensure that you have to do this only once.

alloy wheels

You can then install your winter tyres on the original wheels and the all-season tyres on the new set of alloy wheels.

As you will be having two complete and balanced set of wheels for different seasons, there is no need for you to visit the garage every time to get your wheels balanced during the change of seasons.

You can change the wheels and tyres on your own which will help you to save considerable money on mounting and balancing.

Disadvantages of Using Alloy Wheels

Despite the fact that alloy wheels offer many advantages and are extremely popular among car owners, it also comes with few drawbacks.

You must carefully assess these drawbacks before jumping in to purchase new alloy wheels. The major disadvantages of using alloy wheels are as follows:

Lesser Strength and Durability

Steel wheels are very strong and durable as steel is one of the strongest metals known to us.

Steel wheels can withstand rough driving and abuse on the road which the alloy wheels simply cannot withstand. Alloy wheels are not as strong as steel wheels can bend much easier.

They can be damaged or cracked easily on bad roads and on potholes at high speeds.

Since alloy wheels are less likely to be repaired, you may have to end up buying new wheels if the current ones are damaged. Alloy wheels can also scrape against the curb which can lead to chipping or cracking of it.

Costlier than Steel Wheels

The greatest hindrance to most customers for buying alloy wheels is their cost.

alloy wheels

Alloy wheels cost you a lot more than their steel counterparts.

A good set of alloy wheels can cost you thousands of dollars while steel wheels can be purchased at a fraction of that cost.

Though alloy wheels are becoming more affordable than in the past, they still remain a costly alternative for most regular car owners. Hence, you should consider your needs and buy them only if you need them.

Difficult and Costly to Repair

It is much easier to repair steel wheels compared to alloy wheels. When steel wheels bend, they can be hammered back into shape, however the same cannot be done to alloy wheels.

In most cases, it is very difficult to repair any type of damage to your alloy wheels. When it is damaged, there is very little which can be done to repair it and use it like earlier.

You in all likelihood will have to buy a new set of alloy wheels when it is damaged. Even in the rare case where the damaged alloy wheel can be repaired, the cost of repairing will be very high.

Best Brands of Alloy Wheels

There are many good brands of alloy wheels in the market. However, if you want the best set of wheels for your car, then you can choose from the below-mentioned brands:


ENKEI is a popular brand for alloy wheels.

They use the latest and composite alloy technology to manufacture their wheels. Their wheels pass stringent quality tests and you receive only the best quality wheels.

alloy wheels

They are also dominant in providing state-of-the-art alloy wheels to different motorsport vehicles like rallying, sportscar racing, drift, etc.

It has been supplying alloy wheels to McLaren F1 cars from the year 1985.

ENKEI makes continuous improvements to its manufacturing process through in-depth research and market analysis, which helps it to stay ahead of the competition and maintain its leadership position in the alloy wheel industry.

Vogue Tyre

Vogue Tyre is known for manufacturing stylish and exceptionally elegant alloy wheels. It has been a popular brand in the alloy wheels market for more than 100 years.

Their alloy wheels are characterized by their upmarket designs and gold lining. Vogue Tyre is world renowned for its leading-edge alloy wheel designs and presentation.

Their wheels provide a high degree of performance and incredible handling of the car.

They have loyal customers and client list across the world who consider buying their alloy wheels a sound investment. Vogue Tyre alloy wheels are also known for increasing the resale value of your cars significantly.



Forgeline is a well-known and highly popular brand in the alloy wheel market. Their alloy wheels are custom made and are manufactured to the minutest customer’s requirements.alloy wheels

They provide you alloy wheels in a large variety of sizes and finishes which means that you will find the wheels matching your requirements easily.

Each manufactured wheel is electronically testes for any imperfections and passes through a series of rigorous quality tests before it is made available to you.

Many of their wheels are made from a single block of aluminum using the latest forging technology instead of the regular casting technology uses by most manufacturers. This ensures better strength and durability of the wheels.

American Racing

American Racing is famous for its muscular designed alloy wheels. Their alloy wheels are highly aggressively designed and provide good toughness.

The alloy wheels also provide great driving comfort and ride quality.

American Racing alloy wheels are not made from cast aluminum but from pressure forged aluminum alloy which results in greater strength and durability of the wheels.

These alloy wheels can withstand a high degree of pressure and have not been known to crack or get damaged easily making it a perfect choice for driving on bad roads.


Alloy wheels made by Ronal are manufactured and sold globally by the Ronal Group.

They are one of the biggest suppliers of alloy wheels to both the OEM and aftermarket segment.

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It is a leading manufacturer of alloy wheels and is also an integrated manufacturer of cast and forged aluminum wheels.

It is estimated that Ronal manufacturers more than 20 million alloy wheels every year in 11 manufacturing units located across 3 continents. Their wheels are muscular and solidly built and have an elegant design too.