Fuel cost is a major contributor to the cost of owning a car. You can gain a lot by improving your car’s fuel efficiency. The following factors can help to increase the mileage of your car:

Regular Servicing

You must keep your car regularly services. This not only helps to maintain it in top-notch condition but also contributes towards improving its fuel efficiency. Keep track of the servicing schedule and never miss any scheduled services.  

Use the Coasting Technique

The coasting technique is an effective way to improve fuel efficiency and reduce brake wear. When your car has picked up speed take your feet off the pedal to use the kinetic energy generated by the car. If there is a red light ahead, there is no point in accelerating towards it. Use coasting for rolling your car smoothly towards the red light instead of accelerating towards it. This reduces fuel consumption and improves fuel efficiency.

Optimize AC Usage

Most drivers tend to use the car’s AC even when it is not needed. Driving with the AC on continuously puts more pressure on the engine. The engine needs more fuel to keep the car moving forward at cruising speed. You can consider using the AC until the cabin temperature is comfortable and then switching it off. You can turn on the AC again once it becomes hot inside. This can help you improve fuel efficiency.

Properly Inflated Tyres

Maintaining correct tyre pressure can improve your car’s fuel efficiency considerably. Under-inflated tyres increase the rolling friction and drag. This causes the engine to overwork. It starts to burn more fuel for overcoming the increased rolling resistance which reduces the fuel economy. You should check the tyre pressure regularly. Always insist on maintaining the tyre pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

Correct Gear Changes

Change gears smoothly and systematically while driving. You should build up speed gradually and then move to higher gears. Remember- the higher the gear, the more fuel-efficient your car will be. You should avoid sudden bursts of accelerations as they can rev up the engine and consumes more fuel. An ideal guide is to maintain the car’s RPM between 1500-2000. This roughly translates to driving at 80 kmph in 5th gear.

Avoid Sudden Braking and Accelerations

You should try to maintain a constant speed. While this may not be possible in congested traffic but try to maintain it for as long as possible. You must always avoid sudden braking and accelerations as they burn more fuel.