best offers Intercooler | Core: 450*300*76

Universal Aluminum Air to air intercooler (Core Size: 450*300*76 – Diameter: 2.5 inch – Weight: 7.1 kg) Air to air intercooler manufacturer & supplier


We provide cheap Air to air intercooler with high quality!

MEDIUM UNIVERSAL ALLOY INTERCOOLER Ideal For Petrol Or Diesel Cars, Universal Alloy Intercooler Bar & Plate Design (Strongest & Best Performing).

We know that the car engine works better when it is provided with more air thrust. Intercoolers are used for exactly the same purpose.

Air getting out of the compressor is hot and is dense to some extent. An intercooler makes it possible that the air coming out of a compressor gets cooler before it gets into the engine. So it makes the air cooler and as a result, air also gets denser. The denser the air, the better it is.

A dense air will provide the engine with more volumetric air to generate more power as a result. The need for an intercooler is sheer in the sports cars and those vehicles which generate a lot of power.

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Weight 7.1 kg
Core Size





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