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Universal Aluminum water to air intercooler (Core Size: 450*230*65 – Diameter: 2.25 inch – Weight: 5 kg) Liquid to air intercooler manufacturer & supplier


MEDIUM UNIVERSAL ALLOY INTERCOOLER Ideal For Petrol Or Diesel Cars, Universal Alloy Intercooler Bar & Plate Design (Strongest & Best Performing).

How an intercooler works??

It is really important to keep the engine of vehicles as much cooler as possible. It is in the best of a vehicle to stay cool as it is optimized for the working of it. Scientists have always worked to get more efficient engines. Efficiency also depends on how much air is being driven to the engine and how cooler it is.

The coolness of the air is very important as it makes sure that the air is fed a dense and cool air which eventually results in a lot of power produced by the engine.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Core Size





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