Turbo intercoolers are mechanical devices that keep the engine of your vehicle cooler and adds power to it.

They should be installed in cars that have turbochargers to keep the air getting into the engine cylinder cool and ensure efficient combustion. The details of turbo intercoolers and their positioning in vehicles are discussed below:

How does a Turbo Intercooler Work?

A turbo intercooler is a cooling device in a vehicle. Its primary role is to cool the air that is compressed by the turbocharger. As the air passes through the intercooler, it becomes cool and the density of the air is increased.

As the air passing through the intercooler gets cool, the oxygen content in it also becomes rich. This cool and oxygen-rich air then enters the engine cylinders which leads to more efficient and better combustion.

Intercoolers also help to maintain the ratio of air to fuel at safe levels. Hence, using a turbo intercooler can not only provide improvements to engine functioning and ride quality, but it can also keep your vehicle safe.

There are two major types of intercoolers- air-to-air intercoolers and air-to-water intercoolers. You can choose between them depending on your specific requirements.


The positioning of a Turbo Intercooler

It is best to position a turbo intercooler where the airflow is maximum. The airflow should also be fast, cool, and smooth. If the intercooler is placed too deep inside the engine bay, it will not be of much use due to the lack of any meaningful heat exchange at such high temperatures. Front-mounted intercoolers are popular and effective due to this reason.

An intercooler should be positioned in a way to ensure it gets the maximum cold and undistributed air. Some vehicle manufacturers provide large air scoops in the bonnet specifically for placing the intercooler.

The size of an intercooler also plays an important role in its functioning. A correctly sized intercooler can provide ideal power to the engine and improve your drive quality considerably.


Do You Need a Turbo Intercooler?

Turbo intercoolers provide cool air to the engine cylinder and maximize the efficiency of fuel combustion. They keep the engine cooler and provide greater power to it.

If you have a car with a turbocharger, then it is worth considering getting a turbo intercooler installed. You should take some time to research the correct intercooler type, size, and positioning as it can lead to huge gains in engine power and improving the drive quality.