Alloy wheels are visually appealing and great to drive. However, they can be difficult to clean. Removing stubborn brake dust from alloy wheels can be challenging. Using an oven cleaner provides a quick and cost-effective way for cleaning alloy wheels.

How to Clean Alloy Wheels Using Oven Cleaner?

The following steps should be followed for cleaning alloy wheels using an oven cleaner:

Finding the Right Supplies

The first step in cleaning your allow wheels is to find the right supplies. You can start by buying a good quality oven cleaner. Ensure that the cleaner is not too strong otherwise, it may damage the wheels. Use a soft nylon brush to clean the wheels. Avoid using a steel brush or scrubber as they are harsh and can damage the wheels. You should also buy good quality rubber gloves to remain protected during the cleaning.

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Cleaning Your Wheels

Once the supplies are ready, you should get down to cleaning the wheels. It is better to remove the wheels for better cleaning. Shake the oven cleaner can thoroughly and spray it generously over the wheels. Leave the cleaner on the wheels for a few minutes to work its magic. Give a thorough scrub to the wheels and wash it off with clean water. This will remove the gritty brake dust and other dirt from the wheels. Allow the wheels to dry and put them back on.

Important Considerations

Some of the key considerations for cleaning your alloy wheels using an oven cleaner are as follows:

  • Never use a sodium hydroxide-based oven cleaner. It can corrode aluminum alloy wheels quickly. Always read the active ingredients on the label of an oven cleaner before buying it for cleaning alloy wheels.
  • Clean the wheels on a cool day. Oven cleaners contain chemicals that can react faster with the alloy wheels in hot temperatures. If you use it on cold days, then the cleaner will not be reactive enough to remove the stains. It is best to choose a cool day for cleaning the alloy wheels. You will also feel more comfortable cleaning on cool days compared to too hot or cold days.
  • Though it is not mandatory, it is best to remove the wheels before cleaning. Alloy wheels have fine nooks and crevices that cannot be cleaned perfectly without removing them. Once the wheels are cleaned, let them dry before putting them back.