Intercoolers play an important role in maintaining the longevity of your car’s engine and improving its efficiency.

Over time due to wear and tear, intercoolers can get filled with oil and debris that impacts their working. You should clean the intercoolers regularly to keep them in good working condition and get the best results.

The following steps should be followed for cleaning an intercooler:


Remove the Intercooler

The first step in cleaning the intercooler is to remove it from your vehicle. The fitting of the intercooler may depend on the make and model of the vehicle. You can check the user’s manual to understand how to disconnect the intercooler.

You may also consult a good mechanic on this if you are unsure of how to remove the intercooler.

Pour any Oil from the Intercooler

Now that you have removed the intercooler from the vehicle, it is time to clean it. Before cleaning it, pour out any oil from it. The oil will come out from where you disconnected the piping to remove the intercooler from the vehicle.

Hold the intercooler upside down till no more oil drips from it. If there is not much oil inside, you can skip this step.


Use Degreaser to Remove any Debris

Use a good quality degreaser generously on the intercooler. Hold the degreaser can 3-4 inches from the intercooler and spray on it.

Turn the intercooler over and spray on the other side. Now generously spray the degreaser on the inside of the intercooler. The degreaser application will remove any debris from the intercooler and make it easier for air to travel through it to the engine.

Clean the Intercooler

Fill a bucket with kerosene or acetone and dip the intercooler inside the bucket. Kerosene or acetone helps to provide a deep and thorough cleaning of the intercooler. Pour the kerosene inside the pipe opening to fill it inside.

Once the kerosene goes inside, it helps to clean stubborn oil or debris buildup. Keep the intercooler inside the kerosene or acetone for at least 15 minutes. Kerosene may look dark brown or black depending on how dirty the intercooler was.


Air Dry and Fit it Back

Once you have cleaned the intercooler, put it on a clean spot in the sun for drying. It should be kept for at least 2-5 hours to dry completely. After the intercooler is dry, you should fit it back to your car.