Best cooling interface

This water to air intercooler has been readily designed and optimally tested by us. The advanced cooling technology allows the driver to hit that extra mile with absolute speed and perfection.

Multiple Air Dividers

The use of multiple Air dividers allows the intercooler to charge the air into both hot/cool end tanks for the optimized airflow throughout the custom designed intercooler. It is also optimized and tested against various compliance tests and procedures.

Efficient monitoring of internal systems

The robust internal monitoring system of the intercooler allows the user to actively monitor for any mechanical error inside the water to air intercooler.It has dual vertical flow design for the cooling of air and consists of;

  • Left/right configuration
  • Cross-flow configuration
  • Dual-pass configuration

With the advanced 2-stage water cooling system for maximum efficiency and controlling the internal temperature of the systems.

Precise fitting and 3D technology

The overall body of the water to air intercooler for BMW F8X M3/M4 is crafted using the 3D technology along with assistive prototype technology to ensure the precise fitting of the intercooler inside the BMW F8X M3/M4 along with other models of the same franchise. This absolute fitting also allows for the maximum surface utilization as well.

Plug and Play

An advanced feature carried by this intercooler is the “Plug and Play” feature it does not need for the extra wiring or tubes to be incorporated between the engine and the intercooler. Just connect it alongside the radiator and have a fully equipped sensor and water connection inside the intercooler.

water to air intercooler for BMW M3


The last finishing is done by the “Crinkle black” powder coat finish for the luxurious paint finishing to match with the standard of a BMW F8X M3/M4. The custom powder coating options are also available for a raw aluminum finish or other designs.


The water to air intercooler for BMW F8X M3/M4 comes with a lifetime warranty; you are just to install the system and forget about it ever malfunctioning or working in a bizarre manner. Also, the liquid to air intercooleris designed, developed and tested according to our R&D (Research and Development) team.

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water to air intercooler for BMW M3


Additional information

Weight 14.5 kg
Dimensions 432 × 311 × 228 cm
Core Size